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Slide Using AI and ML for Transforming
Transform your clinics/hospitals into ‘Smart Clinics’ and ‘Smart Hospitals’

Smart Prescription Transcription

AI powered assistant that digitize and transcribes handwritten prescriptions into local languages

Milestones Achieved

Prescription Support
Specialist Doctors
Cities served

For Doctors

Transform your clinic into ‘Smart Clinic’ without changing your workflow

Electronic Medical Records

Your patients’ medical records appear automatically in your mobile app

Prescription Analytics

Track medicines and tests that you prescribe

Patient Outreach

Send digitized prescriptions and educational content to patients in real time

For Patiens

For Patients

Simply take photo of your prescription. Our proprietary AI powered system will digitize and translate the prescription into your local language

For Hospitals

Add artificial intelligence to your IT infrastructure and transform your hospital into ‘Smart Hospital’

Electronic Medical Records

Digitized medical records help in regulatory compliance, quality audits and improved patient experience

Data Based Decision Making

Automated prescription analytics drive effective decision making and improve hospitals’ practices

Cross Departmental Collaboration

Digitized prescriptions sent to Hospital Integration Systems and different departments in real time

Gopadesk enter’s into strategic partnership with Ex-AIIMSdoctors for leveraging each other’s platforms to transform healthcare delivery in SE Asia.
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